Drywall Company Dayton Owns Limousine Establishment

Owner of Drywall Company Dayton tells his secret to successful business ownership! His secret is to own several local businesses and grow them out and up. Well, of course that makes sense but how to start when one has little to no money to put into the first local business?

Little Secret By Drywall Company Dayton

What he says to do is what he did. What he did is starting whatever you do, for instance his was drywall construction, from your garage or house. He would tell all his friends and family to hire him for any type of construction repairs, new drywall, drywall finishing work, whateve entailed construction. He then asked them to tell everyone they knew. He also would put up free listings in Craigslist which is great resource to use for any type of business. He would actually go to construction wholesale companies and see if they had any work for him also.

Little by little the word got out, he received many drywall jobs and he then started marketing himself through mailings and the internet. His first year was hard, however he actually made money! Even if you break even that first year it’s worth it due to the fact that eventually you will be making a ton of money. You’re then off and running.


Learn to live below your means, save and do it again with your second business. Or it could be several locations for your main business. His first company, Drywall Company Dayton is going strong today.

In fact check it out here: http://www.drywallrepairdaytonohio.com

Many of his employees love working for him also. He knows to treat your employees with respect and honesty and they will be loyal to you for the life of the job! The main point here he states is to START. Just start, make no excuses. Even working with your full time job whatever it may be, start doing what you want for your own business on the weekends and evenings. Believe us all when we all say it’s worth it!